Determination Is Key

Teachers are not the people who should determine whether you make it in this world. You as a person within society are the only person who has the permission to determine whether you become a doctor, lawyer, police officer or a priest. The fact that within society we are ranked based on our aptitude and ability to answer questions within a set 120 minute period should be considered a violation of human rights. Why should we as high school students be obligated to take six subjects which are inclusive of maths and english? The person sitting next to you right now could be amazing at science but not as talented in maths, and when placed in a real world situation could have the aptitude to solve problems far beyond the test paper.

Why should our aptitude within the means of high school be based on how well we wrote towards a group of teachers criteria? Does that make us smarter? Knowing that we can write to a criteria. No, it doesn’t. We should be graded on how creative we are or how accurate our answer would be in relation to the real world. These criteria’s are made due to our teachers lack of understanding, they sit there with a answer sheet, trying to get it perfected and aligned. If you are one word off, sorry but you failed.

Believe in yourself, your dreams and your outlook on life. Never let people who don’t have creativity nor the aptitude decipher whether you make it within society. If you dream to be a doctor, never stop believing, you will make it. REPORT CARDS MEAN NOTHING!


Far Beyond the Paddock


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agriculture-1604017_960_720The breeze is a limited expression of the environment experienced by us. Drought is the most common expression experienced. When the breeze does come through my hair does a little twirl and spin. I am always on our wooden patio when the breeze comes by, I always breathe it in for the limit of three seconds. I love being able to sit on my brown wooden bed and stare out the window to the extensive land filled with cows and horses. It brings warmth to my heart, seeing animals roam free. I am never alone when I gaze out the window, my best friend since birth, Abram is always with me. Me and Abram always go for walks, even though there is nowhere to go except along the dusty, dirty, gravel road which leads to nowhere apart from more hectares of land.

I received a letter in the mail with a large “L” stamped on it, and a very sticky seal which I ripped apart. Within it a letter from “Livingston University” was staring at me. I closed my eyes said a silent prayer (God is always watching), then read it… “Congratulations MS Finke, you have gained a full scholarship to Livingston University”. I felt my jaw drop, my mother began to tear up and Abram was just as shocked as I was. All the emotions were rolling through my neurotic brain, and all I could blurt out was, “Abram this means we are going to have a long-distance relationship.” I immediately wanted to grab a zipper, put it on my mouth and pretend those words did not just blurt out in front of my family. Everyone stared at me with blank faces, until my mother suggested I begin packing as the academic year was beginning in a week.

I ran up to my room, I looked around and thought I really am only going to need one box to put all my possessions in. By “possessions” I mean clothes. Clothes were basically the only thing I ever bothered investing in, I feel as though people are overly materialistic nowadays. Unbelievably the thought of leaving made me relive my childhood for a bliss second. The days where I would ride the horses round the paddock with my dad holding the reins, me thinking I was a famous horse rider. Abram would always be sitting on a hay stack laughing his little ass off. I quickly snapped back to reality, and began packing a box.

My whole family came to see me off at the airport, my heart was literally filled with so much warmth it could have started a fire.

I began boarding the plane, a picture of my family in one hand and Abram’s picture in the other. I sat down in my seat 23F, this is a momentous seat. I will have to say the refreshments on board of crackers and a nice can of soda, was rather refreshing. We will be landing in two minutes, please ensure your tray tables are taxied and seat belts fastened for landing… came over the PA system.

I took a breath of the breeze that blew past me and once again my hair twirled. The noise of cars honking in five o’clock traffic was something new to me. Everyone seemed to be in a rush as if there was no tomorrow. I now need to find my hotel, which is on William St, this would be easy if I knew where William St was. I sat down on a brown bench, pulled out my map from my backpack and attempt to identify where I am.

After walking for about two hours with my luggage, I found my new apartment. The keys were in an envelope outside the apartment. I walked inside to find a very blank room. White walls, white fridge, crisp wood floors and a bed on a metal frame.

Who would’ve thought a new beginning would be so lonely?



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The darkness, light, hopes and dreams thats all a person can really wish for when they are alone.

I looked down the hall, filled with kids screaming and shouting with joy. It felt as though I was within a tunnel, but my tunnel never ended. It was a new environment and that’s all I could remind myself.

My phone began ringing, it was vibrating like crazy, until I could not take it anymore. I picked it up, and boy was I joyous as hell. The voice of my best friend radiated through the speakers of the phone. My heart picked up speed, as my soul became more and more excited. The conversation went for ages, I kept looking down the hall to check when I needed to move although I wished I never had too.

The bell alarmed as I was trying to complete my sentence, the sound of hell beginning was what I thought of the bell. I had to end the phone call of my dreams, the phone call that basically kept my sanity as I went around day to day. Walking down the hall of dreary, towards the classroom, that I label as the class of asses. I sat my ass down, I looked around and I put my head down on the desk in misery. The teacher walked in, a spectacle of weirdo honestly. The way he presented himself is not what you would think a teacher would wear, joggers and a jacket… I know it was pretty classy. My immediate thoughts were head down, phone on.

As class began to wrap up, my phone once again began to vibrate. This time in my lap, as my best friend began to call again, excitement once again fell over me. I could not even contain myself, just as the bell rang I ran out of the classroom. Immediate phone retrieval was in play.



Brain Attack

brain-2062057_960_720The way the mind works is absolutely fabulous. Though, you mix our brains with the means of the English language and our brains are suddenly feeling attacked. I am solely attacking adverbs and adjectives.

Adverbs modify verbs, making them more descriptive. Whilst adjectives describe a noun or pronoun. How are they even different? That is a good question. Adverbs make a sentence more interesting but on the flip side so do adjectives.

For example the classic sentence “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog”. This example has the adjective placed within it. The adverb version instead would be “The quick brown jumped quickly over the lazy dog”. Basically the adverb makes it a more informative sentence by just adding a “ly”, fascinating…

One word that our brains may find an attack may be “late”, ahh, does this make our brain stumble. Late can be an adverb or adjective that means after the correct time.  An example is “I am not hungry as I had a late lunch” this would be an example of an adjective.  It is describing the word lunch. “He slept late and missed his first class”, this is an example of an adverb. As it is describing the verb which is sleep.

This is a complicated ideology to wrap our brains around, ironically.


After more research into this it may be expanded, comments on this topic would be appreciated :). 

Rough Ain’t It


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Rustling leaves, howling wind and a young soul running the streets of Manhattan. Blood covered hands, hoodie on and a quick pair of legs. The sirens start in the near distant, as the legs move quicker towards the ally way considered “home”. Living on the streets is not as notorious as kids portray it.

One of my worst crimes was committed today, for a reason that will be explained later. Months of planning had led to tonight is all I am going to start with, you can be a detective and figure out the rest. I dare you too, take my fingerprint even.

Now that you have my fingerprint, let us continue… or start from the beginning.

Chilly wind blowing, tiny flakes falling and a cardboard box laying on the ground. My head meets the cardboard box, my body meets the chilly wind and my tongue meets the tiny flakes falling. Yes, this is the place I call home, the dumpsters over there if you are hungry. That area with all the flies is called the sewer if you would like something to drink. See that empty dark spot over there, that was where the person who was bugging me lived. Don’t overstep your welcome or you know where you’ll end up.

“Oi, you over there in the hoodie, get ya ass over here”, the Stranger called.

“Why don’t you come into my house?”, I replied.

“Nah mate, I got something I want to talk to you bout’”, he replied.

As I walked towards this stranger, I was quite hesitant and uptight. He was wearing a black coat with many holes, he had no shoes on, it appears he had some sort of soot or dust on his face. His hair was dishevelled. Basically, not what you would call prince charming.

My heart was pounding, as I didn’t know if this was one of those mysterious, undercover detectives or just a genuine slob from another ally way. As I approached him, he said, “I was just wondering if you had a cigarette”. My jaw literally dropped and my face turned automatically sour. “No I don’t mate,” I replied. Can you believe people these days? I thought to myself as I walked back towards my “bed”. This is one of the reasons that someone’s life ended last night.

Another day passed, and there I stood within the park where the whole situation unfolded. Two days on and I still haven’t been confronted. I can see all the yellow police tape around the dull playground. Don’t worry guys, I am not a sicko, I did not kill a child, who do you think I am? I can see all the detectives in the distant looking for the clues, to which I probably left as I am not a genius.

Regret is all I feel now. Do I feel bad for the way I lashed out? I thought to myself as I starred at the red and white bricks. No, I don’t feel bad. I don’t feel regret but I don’t feel bad. Everyone thinks the worst part of killing someone is the thought that they meant something to someone, but that’s the easy part, the hard part is hiding from those pesky police officers and FBI agents. Gosh do I have a speech for them…

The person was young and dumb to say the least. He had blonde hair, a ripped pair of track suite pants and a shirt with holes. He kept warm using a brown woollen blanket which I donated him (you should give to the poor, you know). He always had this dark aura about him, he never had appreciation when people felt sorry for him or when kids would smile at him. He just always had a frown on his sooty face, his brown eyes made him look even more unappreciative.

I got up from my “bed”, I put the hoodie on. I walked out of my




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Awkward Feelings – Purely TC’s


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Conforming to the realistic expectations of others is severely overrated.

I don’t understand how people can make fun of a name or even the book you’re reading, I mean go take your pathetic and helpless behavior to someone who cares.

Yes. That’s right, I am starting out again… A new school, new friends and a new group of pathetic lowlife “TC’s”. Where do I even start on TC’s … Some are smart, some are dumb and some don’t even understand that boys can have a “platonic” love for you.

I was under the presumption that high school was for purely academic or drawing anime, whatever mainstream crap your into. When did the world transform? I mean all those mainstream “lame” kids out there, I am sure you can level with me. Scream it with me “HIGH SCHOOL IS FOR STUDYING”. Literally give zero anythings about what the TC’s think about you. Guess who your future garbage women or maid is going to be.

If you are being bullied by a so called “TC” don’t worry, you are not alone. Just remember whilst you are in university and working out your life, they will be hanging out in the Ally Ways.


Another Short One, Leave A Comment With Suggestions xx


“Hello!” I said as I walked through the door. Excited for this special moment, I had dressed myself in a lacy pink prom dress and dressed my iPhone with a special edition Taylor Swift case. I try to keep myself complacent as I was brought towards Taylor’s’ living room. “Hello sweetheart,” she says sitting on an egg shape, leather couch. Inching forward, slowly I lean in to give her an uninvited hug. “Oh!” She remarks rather surprised. “I love a good hug,” I say.

“So, sweetheart, I see you have been brought here as you are an upcoming star, I hear,” said Taylor,”Yes, I am and you Miss Taylor, are my inspiration,” replied Lucy.

Oh my gosh I almost forgot to introduce myself, my name is Lucy and I am eleven years old and I believe I have what it takes to become a singer. Which is why Taylor invited me to live with her for six months as a kind of singing bootcamp you could say… Anyways back to the story
To be continued

Ghostly Figures – COPYRIGHT ©


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Throughout the darkness of the forest, running through, all I can see is the figures moving. The images which have once been seen are once again shown. The image of the girl standing on the path, her skirt swaying in the cool breeze. The ghostly figures are before me, I can see the images of the deathly night. I can feel the gentle, timid breeze along the back of my neck. The forest trees, shake and howl in the motion of the wind. The dense canopy traps me into the rough bushes. As I look towards the ground, the path has disappeared, not even a spec of bitumen is left. Instead there is a patch of grass as it seems, that has grown on top of it. I look behind me, as I hear a badger roll across the scuffled leaves. I sit down on the grass, just to hear the galloping of horses and the voice of a screaming girl. I quickly get up and start running, unknown destination, just a cool breeze. I run towards the gate at the end of the forest, I can just make out through the dense canopy. The howling and ghostly figures begin to subdue me, although I try to ignore it, I know I can’t defeat this forest. I fall and stumble, just to see there is no way out ,the forest is forever in charge and I am forever trapped. Trapped in dense canopy…

Finding Who You REALLY Are – COPYRIGHT ©

The moment when I realised who I am, I relised, I wasn’t a simplistic person as many people are. I am one of those confusing people, who have their own ups and downs. I have had many tribulations that occurred in my life, but one by one I conquered them. I learnt that I find myself through experiences, I find myself through my friends and I find myself through challenging others. All my life I disliked people bossing me around as if I am in the army, I am not. As an only child I am always looking for fun, even to this day I am still searching. Although I still occasionally like to challenge adults, I have found the maturity to let things go and just enjoy the last moments of high school I have. Although it is hard to let go of your old ways, you must always improve for the better. I was told by someone who is not only my inspiration but one of my favourite people I have ever met, “don’t waste your potential.” This year in 2016, I finally found my self. To be honest, I am quite complacent with it…
Glad I found out now and not by making an oops moment in university…