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imageAs I sat by the fire in my tiny cottage home, I starred at my Christmas tree wondering what was missing. I looked at the time on my old wooden clock and saw it was 5:30pm on Christmas Eve. I suddenly realised I had forgotten the most important ornament, the star. I grabbed my coat and left the door with a bang.

As I hoped into my car, as it was far too cold to walk, I saw all the excited children waiting for Santa. I finally got to the store went to the back of the store where the Christmas isle was and was stunned to see that there were no stars left. I went over to the cashier and quired why there were no stars, she reminded me it was Christmas Eve. She offered me a trade though, if I adopted the last puppy in the pen I could have the star off the tree in the cage. Hmmmmmm… What a great deal I thought to myself.

I looked at the price of the puppy $800 that’s the cost of 2wks rent. I looked at the puppies face and was straight away holding out $800 in the cashiers face, what a deal I thought. She handed me the puppy as well as the star.

I raced home and put the star on the tree, I started to stare at it again then realised nothing else was missing. I looked down to find the puppy I had bought, I decided to name it Noel because I bought him in chritmas. With its golden short hairs, wet black nose and the cutest face, I knew it’s name suited him.

This had been the best Christmas with the best gift I could ever receive.

Merry Christmas Everyone 🎄🎅