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I’m Arableyn, I’m 8yrs old and currently living in Bostfrom Orphanage. My parents passed away when I was only 1yrs old, I am currently waiting to be adopted by a kind loving family/person. I am adorable and sweet, I have blond hair and blue eyes.

“Hey I’m Selena Gomez, I’m here to adopt a little girl”, “ok, let me show you around,” said Laura (the nicest lady in the world). Laura introduced me first, “here’s Arableyn , she is 8yrs old, doesn’t she just look so cute, Selena replied “I’ll take her!” To be honest I didn’t know who Selena Gomez was but I started packing my dress, skirt and top (I’m an orphan like I can have more than that!)

I walked into the reception of the orphanage where Selena was waiting for me, “Hey I’m Selena, I guess I’m your new mum, you can just call me Selena if you want,” “okay,” I replied. We stepped out, it was the first time in ages that I had seen grass and sunshine, I was so happy! There was a limo parked outside, Selena pushed me to get in. We started driving and I waved goodbye to my old home.

We pulled up to a massive mansion with a waterfall at the front and a doorman anxious to open the door to us. As I got out off the limo all I could say was “woah!” I was so amazed! We walked in Selena told me to get upstairs and check out my room. I quickly ran up the stairs when I saw my room, my jaw dropped, I couldn’t believe it my closet had an ESCALATOR! This is amazing, I think I’m going to like it here, I thought to myself.

I went back downstairs, Selena was on Instagram, the maid came up to me and gave me a remote. Selena put down her phone and explained to me it was a key for the house, since the house was a smart house. She said try it, “open door”, I said. It opened, this was amazing I couldn’t believe my eyes. I walked to the backyard where I saw a massive pool with a bar to the side, I can’t believe I came from nothing to everything.

Selena told me I would be starting school soon, I was quite anxious since I had never been to a proper school. “Tomorrow we’ll go out school supply shopping, you can have anything you want,” she said enthusiastically. I ran upstairs and made a list of everything I needed – pencils, pens, notebooks, covers for my notebooks, pencil case and rubbers. I was excited but anxious.

We got in the limo and headed to Selena’s own, private stationary shop. Selena jumped on a couch and went on FaceBook while I went shopping for everything I needed. I was finally done after 2 whole hours of browsing, finally time to go…