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As I sat at the kitchen bench, all my report cards from the year spread out I began thinking I hadn’t achieved anything. It was now December in time for Christmas, what had a done all year? What have I achieved this year? I pondered these questions as my mum shoved me away from the kitchen.

I went back into my bedroom, and began pondering again, I had spent the whole year slaving away at a desk for nothing I guess. I started to lose faith in myself and began thinking am I nothing but a failure. Although I have to be more positive, at least I have a loving family and a little pup, but why wasn’t I happy?

I had been putting myself through pressure all year long just to achieve straight A’s and make my parents proud. It’s what they want for me, I’m just not good enough, my brain kept telling me ‘don’t think that way Sam’, but I did. This just wasn’t my year I thought to myself, maybe… Maybe next year I should give up and move schools.

My mum yelled out to say dinner was ready, I went to the table and saw the roast chicken and mash potato but I couldn’t eat. So I just played around with the food still thinking, my family was already preoccupied with other things, I shouldn’t bother her, about this. So I left the table and went back into my room still thinking.

I had an idea, maybe I should just work really hard to achieve what I want. I shouldn’t just try my best, I have to push myself to the limit. I have to be the best, studying this whole summer holidays is how I’m going to achieve this. Determination, I guess, yes that’s it! Pure determination…

Will be updated on 1st Feb 2015