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Throughout the darkness of the forest, running through, all I can see is the figures moving. The images which have once been seen are once again shown. The image of the girl standing on the path, her skirt swaying in the cool breeze. The ghostly figures are before me, I can see the images of the deathly night. I can feel the gentle, timid breeze along the back of my neck. The forest trees, shake and howl in the motion of the wind. The dense canopy traps me into the rough bushes. As I look towards the ground, the path has disappeared, not even a spec of bitumen is left. Instead there is a patch of grass as it seems, that has grown on top of it. I look behind me, as I hear a badger roll across the scuffled leaves. I sit down on the grass, just to hear the galloping of horses and the voice of a screaming girl. I quickly get up and start running, unknown destination, just a cool breeze. I run towards the gate at the end of the forest, I can just make out through the dense canopy. The howling and ghostly figures begin to subdue me, although I try to ignore it, I know I can’t defeat this forest. I fall and stumble, just to see there is no way out ,the forest is forever in charge and I am forever trapped. Trapped in dense canopy…