“Hello!” I said as I walked through the door. Excited for this special moment, I had dressed myself in a lacy pink prom dress and dressed my iPhone with a special edition Taylor Swift case. I try to keep myself complacent as I was brought towards Taylor’s’ living room. “Hello sweetheart,” she says sitting on an egg shape, leather couch. Inching forward, slowly I lean in to give her an uninvited hug. “Oh!” She remarks rather surprised. “I love a good hug,” I say.

“So, sweetheart, I see you have been brought here as you are an upcoming star, I hear,” said Taylor,”Yes, I am and you Miss Taylor, are my inspiration,” replied Lucy.

Oh my gosh I almost forgot to introduce myself, my name is Lucy and I am eleven years old and I believe I have what it takes to become a singer. Which is why Taylor invited me to live with her for six months as a kind of singing bootcamp you could say… Anyways back to the story
To be continued