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Conforming to the realistic expectations of others is severely overrated.

I don’t understand how people can make fun of a name or even the book you’re reading, I mean go take your pathetic and helpless behavior to someone who cares.

Yes. That’s right, I am starting out again… A new school, new friends and a new group of pathetic lowlife “TC’s”. Where do I even start on TC’s … Some are smart, some are dumb and some don’t even understand that boys can have a “platonic” love for you.

I was under the presumption that high school was for purely academic or drawing anime, whatever mainstream crap your into. When did the world transform? I mean all those mainstream “lame” kids out there, I am sure you can level with me. Scream it with me “HIGH SCHOOL IS FOR STUDYING”. Literally give zero anythings about what the TC’s think about you. Guess who your future garbage women or maid is going to be.

If you are being bullied by a so called “TC” don’t worry, you are not alone. Just remember whilst you are in university and working out your life, they will be hanging out in the Ally Ways.


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