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The darkness, light, hopes and dreams thats all a person can really wish for when they are alone.

I looked down the hall, filled with kids screaming and shouting with joy. It felt as though I was within a tunnel, but my tunnel never ended. It was a new environment and that’s all I could remind myself.

My phone began ringing, it was vibrating like crazy, until I could not take it anymore. I picked it up, and boy was I joyous as hell. The voice of my best friend radiated through the speakers of the phone. My heart picked up speed, as my soul became more and more excited. The conversation went for ages, I kept looking down the hall to check when I needed to move although I wished I never had too.

The bell alarmed as I was trying to complete my sentence, the sound of hell beginning was what I thought of the bell. I had to end the phone call of my dreams, the phone call that basically kept my sanity as I went around day to day. Walking down the hall of dreary, towards the classroom, that I label as the class of asses. I sat my ass down, I looked around and I put my head down on the desk in misery. The teacher walked in, a spectacle of weirdo honestly. The way he presented himself is not what you would think a teacher would wear, joggers and a jacket… I know it was pretty classy. My immediate thoughts were head down, phone on.

As class began to wrap up, my phone once again began to vibrate. This time in my lap, as my best friend began to call again, excitement once again fell over me. I could not even contain myself, just as the bell rang I ran out of the classroom. Immediate phone retrieval was in play.