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agriculture-1604017_960_720The breeze is a limited expression of the environment experienced by us. Drought is the most common expression experienced. When the breeze does come through my hair does a little twirl and spin. I am always on our wooden patio when the breeze comes by, I always breathe it in for the limit of three seconds. I love being able to sit on my brown wooden bed and stare out the window to the extensive land filled with cows and horses. It brings warmth to my heart, seeing animals roam free. I am never alone when I gaze out the window, my best friend since birth, Abram is always with me. Me and Abram always go for walks, even though there is nowhere to go except along the dusty, dirty, gravel road which leads to nowhere apart from more hectares of land.

I received a letter in the mail with a large “L” stamped on it, and a very sticky seal which I ripped apart. Within it a letter from “Livingston University” was staring at me. I closed my eyes said a silent prayer (God is always watching), then read it… “Congratulations MS Finke, you have gained a full scholarship to Livingston University”. I felt my jaw drop, my mother began to tear up and Abram was just as shocked as I was. All the emotions were rolling through my neurotic brain, and all I could blurt out was, “Abram this means we are going to have a long-distance relationship.” I immediately wanted to grab a zipper, put it on my mouth and pretend those words did not just blurt out in front of my family. Everyone stared at me with blank faces, until my mother suggested I begin packing as the academic year was beginning in a week.

I ran up to my room, I looked around and thought I really am only going to need one box to put all my possessions in. By “possessions” I mean clothes. Clothes were basically the only thing I ever bothered investing in, I feel as though people are overly materialistic nowadays. Unbelievably the thought of leaving made me relive my childhood for a bliss second. The days where I would ride the horses round the paddock with my dad holding the reins, me thinking I was a famous horse rider. Abram would always be sitting on a hay stack laughing his little ass off. I quickly snapped back to reality, and began packing a box.

My whole family came to see me off at the airport, my heart was literally filled with so much warmth it could have started a fire.

I began boarding the plane, a picture of my family in one hand and Abram’s picture in the other. I sat down in my seat 23F, this is a momentous seat. I will have to say the refreshments on board of crackers and a nice can of soda, was rather refreshing. We will be landing in two minutes, please ensure your tray tables are taxied and seat belts fastened for landing… came over the PA system.

I took a breath of the breeze that blew past me and once again my hair twirled. The noise of cars honking in five o’clock traffic was something new to me. Everyone seemed to be in a rush as if there was no tomorrow. I now need to find my hotel, which is on William St, this would be easy if I knew where William St was. I sat down on a brown bench, pulled out my map from my backpack and attempt to identify where I am.

After walking for about two hours with my luggage, I found my new apartment. The keys were in an envelope outside the apartment. I walked inside to find a very blank room. White walls, white fridge, crisp wood floors and a bed on a metal frame.

Who would’ve thought a new beginning would be so lonely?