Adopted by Selena Gomez Fan fiction


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I’m Arableyn, I’m 8yrs old and currently living in Bostfrom Orphanage. My parents passed away when I was only 1yrs old, I am currently waiting to be adopted by a kind loving family/person. I am adorable and sweet, I have blond hair and blue eyes.

“Hey I’m Selena Gomez, I’m here to adopt a little girl”, “ok, let me show you around,” said Laura (the nicest lady in the world). Laura introduced me first, “here’s Arableyn , she is 8yrs old, doesn’t she just look so cute, Selena replied “I’ll take her!” To be honest I didn’t know who Selena Gomez was but I started packing my dress, skirt and top (I’m an orphan like I can have more than that!)

I walked into the reception of the orphanage where Selena was waiting for me, “Hey I’m Selena, I guess I’m your new mum, you can just call me Selena if you want,” “okay,” I replied. We stepped out, it was the first time in ages that I had seen grass and sunshine, I was so happy! There was a limo parked outside, Selena pushed me to get in. We started driving and I waved goodbye to my old home.

We pulled up to a massive mansion with a waterfall at the front and a doorman anxious to open the door to us. As I got out off the limo all I could say was “woah!” I was so amazed! We walked in Selena told me to get upstairs and check out my room. I quickly ran up the stairs when I saw my room, my jaw dropped, I couldn’t believe it my closet had an ESCALATOR! This is amazing, I think I’m going to like it here, I thought to myself.

I went back downstairs, Selena was on Instagram, the maid came up to me and gave me a remote. Selena put down her phone and explained to me it was a key for the house, since the house was a smart house. She said try it, “open door”, I said. It opened, this was amazing I couldn’t believe my eyes. I walked to the backyard where I saw a massive pool with a bar to the side, I can’t believe I came from nothing to everything.

Selena told me I would be starting school soon, I was quite anxious since I had never been to a proper school. “Tomorrow we’ll go out school supply shopping, you can have anything you want,” she said enthusiastically. I ran upstairs and made a list of everything I needed – pencils, pens, notebooks, covers for my notebooks, pencil case and rubbers. I was excited but anxious.

We got in the limo and headed to Selena’s own, private stationary shop. Selena jumped on a couch and went on FaceBook while I went shopping for everything I needed. I was finally done after 2 whole hours of browsing, finally time to go… 


Grumpy old Grandpa Chuck

As I reached for the door I hesitated Grandpa Chuck can be quite rude. The rest of the class was waiting for me to interview my old folk, I walked in and he was sleeping. What a relief I thought but I spoke to soon, and all of a sudden “Good morning young women!,” yelled Grandpa. “It’s the afternoon grandpa and I am a boy,” said young John. ” I can’t see you without my glasses, so what do you want,” said grandpa Chuck. I am going to interview you for school so don’t be too rude okay grandpa. Here goes, “what do you think of young kids,” said John and grandpa replied “scumbags, scoundrels and gross, stuffing their stubby fingers up their nose and and their butt.” I hit the pause button on the recorder of course I couldn’t play this to the class. ” Okay grandpa now in kinder words describe about what you think of my school and teacher,” said John. John hit the record button, ” I think your schools full of dumb…idiots, although your teachers a hot chick ain’t she,” replied grandpa Chuck. John hit pause and told his grandpa he couldn’t use what he had said, but just then Johns teacher Mrs Flaubert walked in and told John it was time to go. ” Told you John your teachers a hot chick,” said Grandpa Chuck as John walked out he felt so embarrassed.

Mrs Flaubert had told John that he could be the first one to present what his grandpa had enthusiastically said. He hesitantly pressed play and all the words his grandpa said had made John embarrassed and the class laugh historically. Whilst my teacher was disgusted.

The next day, my family went to visit grandpa Chuck. Mum had said that if he was sleeping when we got there to just quietly walk out and not make a sound, so fingers crossed he’s asleep. We got inside and to our luck he was awake. “Sit down old buddies,” said grandpa. We talked for about two hours. The nurse came in and said it was Grandpa Chucks nap time. “Bye grandpa,” said John, “bye big butt,” said Grandpa Chuck.

We got into the car, and we saw Grandpa Chuck running after us. “Mum step on it quick grandpas coming!,” said John. As we were driving off we saw grandpa trip over. We felt sorry for him but we had obligations to fulfill. It was quite an experience for me.

I had just been dropped off at school when my name came over the loudspeaker “John could you please come too the office now.” Luckily for John he was the only one in his school named John. “Hi you called me over the loudspeaker,” said John to the office worker. ” Oh yes your Grandpa Chuck is here to see you,” said the office worker. What was Grandpa Chuck doing here I wondered?

Thinking aloud


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As I sat at the kitchen bench, all my report cards from the year spread out I began thinking I hadn’t achieved anything. It was now December in time for Christmas, what had a done all year? What have I achieved this year? I pondered these questions as my mum shoved me away from the kitchen.

I went back into my bedroom, and began pondering again, I had spent the whole year slaving away at a desk for nothing I guess. I started to lose faith in myself and began thinking am I nothing but a failure. Although I have to be more positive, at least I have a loving family and a little pup, but why wasn’t I happy?

I had been putting myself through pressure all year long just to achieve straight A’s and make my parents proud. It’s what they want for me, I’m just not good enough, my brain kept telling me ‘don’t think that way Sam’, but I did. This just wasn’t my year I thought to myself, maybe… Maybe next year I should give up and move schools.

My mum yelled out to say dinner was ready, I went to the table and saw the roast chicken and mash potato but I couldn’t eat. So I just played around with the food still thinking, my family was already preoccupied with other things, I shouldn’t bother her, about this. So I left the table and went back into my room still thinking.

I had an idea, maybe I should just work really hard to achieve what I want. I shouldn’t just try my best, I have to push myself to the limit. I have to be the best, studying this whole summer holidays is how I’m going to achieve this. Determination, I guess, yes that’s it! Pure determination…

Will be updated on 1st Feb 2015

Christmas Time


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imageAs I sat by the fire in my tiny cottage home, I starred at my Christmas tree wondering what was missing. I looked at the time on my old wooden clock and saw it was 5:30pm on Christmas Eve. I suddenly realised I had forgotten the most important ornament, the star. I grabbed my coat and left the door with a bang.

As I hoped into my car, as it was far too cold to walk, I saw all the excited children waiting for Santa. I finally got to the store went to the back of the store where the Christmas isle was and was stunned to see that there were no stars left. I went over to the cashier and quired why there were no stars, she reminded me it was Christmas Eve. She offered me a trade though, if I adopted the last puppy in the pen I could have the star off the tree in the cage. Hmmmmmm… What a great deal I thought to myself.

I looked at the price of the puppy $800 that’s the cost of 2wks rent. I looked at the puppies face and was straight away holding out $800 in the cashiers face, what a deal I thought. She handed me the puppy as well as the star.

I raced home and put the star on the tree, I started to stare at it again then realised nothing else was missing. I looked down to find the puppy I had bought, I decided to name it Noel because I bought him in chritmas. With its golden short hairs, wet black nose and the cutest face, I knew it’s name suited him.

This had been the best Christmas with the best gift I could ever receive.

Merry Christmas Everyone 🎄🎅